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Evolving Our Logo

Evolving our logo

We have some big news to share - we are redesigning our logo! Read on for more information on our motivation and the process behind this change. History Our first logo dates all the way back to 2011, before our company was founded. We started building our (then very different)…

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Digital Workplace Summit 2017 By Communardo – Recap

Digital Workplace Summit 2017 by Communardo – Recap

The Digital Workplace Summit by Communardo in Cologne. The place-to be for every person or company, who is interested in optimising and digitalising their work(-flow). Great talks, people and a nice location made this summit a unique experience. With our new booth, we could not have been overlooked. Throughout the…

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Launch of Outlook App Light for Jira

Outlook App for Jira was our first Add-In which we released a few years ago. Since then, we have been working with our customers hand in hand to give them the best experience possible. Certain functions of our Add-In were only used by a group of people who started integrating…

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Post Mortem: A Busy Week For Our Outlook Team

Post Mortem: A busy week for our Outlook team

Personally, we are huge fans of in-depth blog articles of service failures, because you can really learn something! So we decided to use last weeks problems with our Jira add-in to do the same: Provide you, the interested reader (and/or customer) with a short overview on what happened. Turns out: Not…

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