The Connected Inbox

A better email experience for everyone

Use Outlook to support your IT-strategy

Our concept “Connected Inbox” helps you to strengthen your IT-strategy. We connect the most important systems of your business with the Outlook inbox to achieve the following three goals.

Faster adoption of new software

Introducing new software, to change and optimize existing workflows, is often accompanied by resistance. Established work-habits of employees are deeply rooted and new processes are viewed skeptical. By integrating with the inbox, we use the acceptance of Outlook to increase the adoption of the system. Employees can familiarize themselves with the new system in their well-known environment – without jumping in at the deep end.

Breaking down the information silo

The email inbox is the primary source of information to many employees. Over time, the inbox accumulates important information, like customer data, project information – out of reach from colleagues and the company. The goal should be, to transfer this data to other systems to make the knowledge accessible to everyone. Examples are CRM-systems, wikis or document storage systems.

The connection of these systems with Outlook allows for a quick information transfer, which is not feasible without it – and also rarely happens until now.

More time for relevant work

Connecting the relevant systems to Outlook mainly leads to one result: employees have more time to do their actual work. It is not productive at all, to repeatedly log on to different systems. transfer information manually from the email inbox, upload attachments or just approve a request. We shorten workflows and free up time for essential things.

You can find examples of possible scenarios below – talk to us about yours!

  • Approve or deny requests directly from Outlook
  • Record time from email and calendar
  • Store customer communication in a CRM-system
  • One-Click upload of expense receipts 
  • Synchronize deadlines or milestones with the calendar
  • … what’s your idea?