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The world is currently changing, and we are all experiencing how important digitalization is for our work environments. We at yasoon develop smart apps that connect Microsoft Outlook and Atlassian software. We´d love to share this in-depth knowledge with you and contribute to simplify your digital workflows. So let´s start to put back the flow into your day-to-day work together.


Connect with us

Unfortunately, we cannot say if we can meet in person later this year. However, we aim to still get in contact with you whenever possible. You feel the same? Let´s catch up! We are happy if you join us in one of our upcoming remote sessions listed below. Learn more about smart workflows and get even more productive when working from home!

No Cabin Fever Today by K15t, Kreuzwerker and Scandio


Jira Day - Remote edition by DEVINITI


Atlassian Day by META-INF

15 15AM CEST


Let’s grab a digital coffee

It´s not possible to meet us during one of the remote events? No problem! Choose a date and time which suits you best and have a nice warm coffee with one of our experts.

In our digital coffee break we show you how to bring your Microsoft and Atlassian tools together – and achieve a fully connected workplace. We would love to hear about your vision of digital work, as well. Chat with one our experts and deep dive into our apps.


Let´s kick start improving your daily routines with Outlook and Atlassian!

Americano with Timur

Timur is a developer at yasoon – and the only one working on a Mac. He started as an intern and is with us ever since. He´ll let you know how to best use our apps!

Cappuccino with Nicki

Nicki is our partner manager – so she knows A LOT about the Atlassian ecosystem. She heard plenty use cases of our apps and is happy to give you some insights.

Macchiato with Tamara

Tamara is our Marketing Manager. She knows a lot about Marketing and also about our apps. She crafted workflows to show you how a connected workplace should look like.

Flat White with Daniel

Before Daniel started as a developer at yasoon, he studied to be a teacher. So he is more than ready to teach you something about our products and new digital workflows.

Espresso with Johannes

Johannes is the newest member of our developer team. He challenges us with new ideas every day – and is happy to hear your thoughts on our apps and your use cases.