Evolving our logo

We have some big news to share – we are redesigning our logo! Read on for more information on our motivation and the process behind this change.


Our first logo dates all the way back to 2011, before our company was founded. We started building our (then very different) product, and needed a quick project logo to go with it. Our guy with the most design skills at the time (shout out to @benjamiski) slapped together a logo which should become the basis for everything still to come. 

We officially founded the company in late 2013 and started working full time on our project. We needed business cards, flyers and much more, so we tasked a local designer (Elisa), to freshen up our existing logo and to create a corporate template. We were pretty satisfied with the result, so we adopted it everywhere.

Why a new logo?

Fast forward to late 2017. We won three awards from Atlassian and Microsoft and business is strong. Our main product “Jira for Outlook” is selling like hotcakes and we are about to launch our second one: Office Calendars for Outlook. We are facing an old problem: We don’t have any product logos. We have had this issue with “Jira for Outlook” before, but since we only had one product, we just used our main one for everything. This was no option anymore.

Now we needed not only one new logo, but at least two – we couldn’t let Jira for Outlook fall behind the new product. In addition, we already have some other small tools in the pipeline, which need logos as well. So we went back to the drawing board with our designer and talked about options to create product logos derived from the main logo.

It became clear that this wouldn’t work. We wanted logos that would resemble the main logo, which was impossible to achieve. So Elisa presented us with a new idea for the company logo:



This logo is quite the departure from our existing logo, but bear with us for a moment. We sat down and started discussing what yasoon stands for, what makes us unique. And it really boils down to this: We are a tech company at heart. We are developers who love to code!

We feel that the new, angular shaped logo represents this a lot better than any of the previous logos did. It is more modern, fresh, and just looks good! In addition, we now use a much more abstract “Y” and write out the full name after the signet. This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of people never got the “Y” in the old logo and called us “asoon” all the time.

We could go on, why this logo represents us better than the old one, but truth be told – it’s just also a lot more practical. By utilizing parts of the main logo, we now have a great way to create new product logos:



We now have an unlimited amount of product logos, we can cut out of our main logo – awesome! In addition to the logo, we will also switch to a new font: Soleil. You can see it in action on our homepage.


Today we are launching the new logo on our homepage and social media channels, though it will take some more time to show up everywhere. The Atlassian Marketplace will see the updated logos soon, and all newsletter and emails will adopt the new design as well. We are working hard to make sure everything will be styled according to the new layout!

That’s it – we hope you like our new logos, let us know your thoughts! We will close this post with a sneak peek of our new flyer, which will be premiering at Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas in July – looking forward to seeing you around! – the yasoon team