Our Technology

The rock-solid foundation of our software

Our Framework at a glance  

When developing Outlook add-ins, one often has to face problems with stability, performance and usability. Many add-ins will slow down Outlook or are responsible for crashes and therefore have a bad reputation. 

We provide stable and fast products, while not limiting flexibility and a speedy development when building new features. Hence, all our products are based on the same technological foundation: the yasoon framework. 

Our framework simplifies the complex topic of Outlook development and ensures Outlook is unaffected even in error cases.  At the same time, it allows us to quickly build new products, since most features – like the synchronization of tasks – are already provided by the framework.

Consistent access to Outlook

Consistent access to Outlook

Yasoon provides a consistent interface to connect with Outlook – independent of the Outlook version and the e-mail protocol. 

Modern Layout

All yasoon add-ins have a modern, flexible and user-friendly UI built using HTML5 and Javascript. 



To offer a fast integration, yasoon supports common protocols like oAuth, oData, REST and many more.

Predefined Use-Cases

Predefined Use-Cases

Many use cases for Outlook add-ins are predefined and just need to be adapted to the respective system. For example: bi-directional task or calendar integration, sidebar usage or data exchange. 

Innovative Mailbox Icons

Mailbox icons offer a new way to structure emails. A good overview is provided and email handling becomes easier.

Service und Distribution

The yasoon framework allows single instance installations, as well as terminal-server usage. Updates are distributed centrally and can be individually restricted and released. 


Yasoon offers anonymous statistics of the user activity to the administrator of a business license.  

In-App Support

An in-app helpdesk and direct support is available for every user.


All features are available in English and German and can be easily translated into other languages. In addition currency, date and number formats will be located and adapted accordingly.