JIRA for Outlook: FAQ´s

Where can I download the add-on?

JIRA for Outlook can be installed via the Atlassian Marketplace.You can start with a 30 day free trial.

Please note: You need to be the JIRA administrator to install the add-on.

What are the requirements to download the add-on?

You need at least Outlook 2010 for Windows or Outlook 2016 for Mac to use the add-on. Please read about the details in the support article “Detailed Technical Requirements”.

Does the add-on work with an internal Jira instance (Corporate Intranet)?

Yes. Jira for Outlook connects to your Jira system directly from Outlook, so no external access is required.

Can I license fewer users than my Jira instance has?

Yes, this is possible for JIRA server systems with our flexible licensing option. Please find more information in our pricing factsheet.

Do you store any Outlook/Jira content?

No. The Outlook add-in communicates directly with JIRA without a third party involved.

Can I learn more about security and data privacy?

Find more information about security and data privacy in our support article “Security of Jira data / Communication Overview”.