yasoon Partner Program together works better

yasoon Partner Program | together works better
Your customer is using Jira or Confluence? Our products are essential for success when implementing Atlassian software in Microsoft-based companies.

As an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner from Germany, we’re technical experts for Atlassian’s and Microsoft’s product ranges. With years of experience in add-in development, we harness the latest technologies to craft a more productive workplace.


Free licenses

We’ll hook you up with free licenses for your team. 

Partner portal

Get access to training material and other partner resources. 

Free training

Become an yasoon expert with our free on demand live-trainings.

Sales discount

Get an exclusive 20% discount on all Server and Data Center sales.

Product roadmap

Get exclusive insights on our product roadmap.


Let’s  regularly engage in co-marketing e.g. guest blogging.

Sparring partner

Joint workshops with customers power up your sales.

Priority support

Be the first in line to access our support team. 

yasoon partner in 4 steps

1. Partner agreement

Let’s kick off our partnership by signing the yasoon partner agreement.

2. App partner training

Book a free app partner training and get your team educated on our products to boost your sales.

3. Finish onboarding

Exchange your logo and company information with us, to be listed in the partner directory.

4. Welcome to yasoon!

Access exclusive sales materials, discount codes and other partner resources in our partner portal.

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Patrick Schüßler
Partner Manager