Our Vision

Connecting Microsoft and Atlassian

It is our aim to make the digital transformation accessible to every employee of your business. Part of the digital future are specialized cloud systems, each designed to solve a specific problem that will optimize your workflows. However, the endless amount of different systems makes it easy to lose your head in the clouds. We want to help employees to adapt to the big number of new systems and get them started quickly. 

We believe that cloud software can only be implemented successfully if it is integrated into the daily workflow. For years, Microsoft Outlook has been the center of business communication. We still consider Outlook as the most important communication tool, as it provides internal and external information, tasks and to-dos and thus makes it essential for every employee. We add the useful features of modern could software to the e-mails and the calendar of Microsoft Outlook, so that employees can make most out of their inbox. In doing so, we not only reduce your incoming e-mails and improve your task and information management, but also increase the acceptance of modern software.

“Progress is not only an issue of management but of every single employee!”

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