Atlassian´s JIRA meets Outlook 

Connect emails and issues on all devices: Windows, Mac, iOS and Web

The Outlook App for JIRA is designed to intuitively connect JIRA and Outlook. It is a smart extension of the email inbox that allows integrating JIRA into the daily working routines of users. The JIRA look & feel makes it easy to use and enables to quickly adapt the add-on without training. The powerful add-on does not only save a lot of time but also guarantees a seamless documentation of all conversations on the related issue.

Advantages of Outlook App for JIRA

  • No more gaps in JIRA & email workflows
  • Seamless documentation of email conversations
  • Increase adoption of JIRA by using Outlook’s popularity
  • Save time handling emails
  • Immediate response to issue updates

The Outlook App for Jira has won the Atlassian Marketplace Vendor Award 2017 for Best Integration