Alpha Serve – a strong Ukrainian Partner

Partnerschaft venITure und yasoon

Just like Ukrainian people and families, companies in Ukraine are in a very difficult and challenging position because of the war.

That is why we want to give a shoutout to our Ukrainian partner Alpha Serve, who is keeping their day-to-day business running as best they can. In the Atlassian Ecosystem we already stick together. Now, in the times of political unrest, it is even more important to do so.

As a Gold Atlassian Marketplace partner, Alpha Serve creates enterprise-grade apps for Jira, Confluence and other Atlassian tools with fast performance and high-level data security. Their applications help companies and users increase the authentication security level, benefit from BI connectors and easy data exports, and to improve effectiveness with convenient integrations.

Just like yasoon, Alpha Serve believes that connecting the worlds of Microsoft and Atlassian makes work easier and more productive. One of their main goals is to smoothly provide Jira data in Microsoft Power BI. Companies work with Microsoft Power BI to unify data from various sources to create interactive dashboards and reports. But importing data directly from Jira can be a struggle.

With Power BI Connector for Jira Alpha Serve has built an enterprise-grade app that allows you to build complex models in Power BI and add Jira to your main data sources. By that, you will have all data available for consistent business decisions.

You can filter relevant Jira data and connect it as a data source in Power BI. With your Jira data available, you can create rich reports, data dashboards and visualizations to explore the data that you need. We see that as a valuable feature to include Jira data in Microsoft Power BI with the goal to turn insights into actions.

To close with a few honest words: We’re software developers and no politicians. We have been working in a globalized world, and we have many visions for a bright future. Working together and acting in solidarity is how we want to achieve a common goal, which is mandatory for all our business goals: secure human rights and peace.

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