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Struggling for work-life balance and recognition? No thanks. Our sense of teamwork and motivation didn’t come from nowhere. We offer tangible benefits that truly enrich both your work and personal lives.

Salary is a crucial part of the hiring and job search process, especially in software development. As a successful company, we prioritize fair compensation and ensure appropriate rewards for your work. Additionally, we offer an annual bonus and generous profit sharing for our team.

Your intrinsic motivation is crucial to us. We offer a future-oriented tech stack and responsibilities that empower your creativity. Our roadmap isn’t dictated by investors or large customers; we explore established software realms to find sophisticated solutions that outpace the competition and provide genuine value to our customers.

We learn and grow together: Our entire team stays connected within our technical ecosystem, constantly striving to improve. As experts in our field, we provide development opportunities through training, certifications, events, and meetups. Gain the knowledge you need to succeed.

We provide a flexible work model that allows both team collaboration and individual productivity. While we appreciate our office in Mannheim and the exchange with colleagues, we also support remote work. As fellow family-oriented individuals, we understand the importance of family-friendly workdays.

In addition to a variety of snacks, drinks and Agáta’s barista coffee, we offer you a gadget budget of 1200€ for 2 years to customize your workspace. You can get a company bike (Jobrad) and benefit from private health and dental insurance. We also like to party! Enjoy parties and team events, because it’s the little things that count.

We value your time off and your well-being. Our standard vacation policy includes 30 days, plus Christmas and New Year’s Day. During summer (June to September), we offer free Friday afternoons for full-time employees. We believe that relaxation leads to better productivity and project outcomes.

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