Microsoft Teams for Jira

Microsoft Teams for Jira Teamwork unchained

Is Microsoft Teams your communication hub? Enrich your teamwork with the collaborative power of Microsoft Teams in Jira and get everyone involved.

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  • Start a Microsoft Teams conversation right in your Jira issue: Post a message either in a group chat or in a preferred Teams channel.
  • Involve team members or customers in your conversation even if they don´t use Jira.
  • Replies from Teams will be displayed automatically in Jira – and vice versa. As a result, every discussion is based on one single source of truth.
  • You can search for and share a Jira issue in your Microsoft Teams channel and start a conversation. All replies will be displayed in your Jira issue as well.

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Please note: To set-up the app you´ll currently need the assistance of your Microsoft 365 administrator. We´re working on an update which won´t require this – release mid October!