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Implementing enterprise service management in the care sector with Jira Service Management and Microsoft 365.

Pflege im Quadrat (Care Squared) is breaking new ground in the digital transformation of outpatient care. The care sector constantly faces one key factor: saving time. Companies in the sector try to accelerate and boost the efficiency of internal processes to give the nursing staff more time for their care work – more time for people.

The challenge: Saving time for nursing staff

Especially in outpatient and home care, it is essential to make internal processes as lean as possible. Filling in paper forms, time-consuming manual correspondence, complex rental processes for fleet vehicles, requests for new hardware or software support: Pflege im Quadrat wanted to save staff time in all of these activities. These precious hours can now be spent on the people in need of care.

Pflege im Quadrat was already using Jira Service Management for its in-house service desk and all enterprise service management. As many of the nursing staff knew Microsoft Teams and how to use Android smartphones for communication, it was clear that the company would need an interface between Jira Service Management (JSM) and Microsoft 365. These tools can optimize processes between the back office team and nursing staff and make them more efficient.

Fabian Klenk, CTO at Pflege im Quadrat, has made digitalizing internal processes in the care sector his personal passion project. The idea was to make the employees’ lives as easy as possible with digital processes. Given their non-technophile audience, Pflege im Quadrat relies on a central tool approach: ‘Microsoft Teams first’.

Central tool approach: Microsoft Teams first

To make the nursing staff’s day-to-day work easier, Fabian Klenk’s team established Microsoft Teams as the central communication tool and delivered the interfaces required to Jira Service Management.

They used yasoon’s Microsoft 365 for Jira app to embed the JSM Service Portal in Microsoft Teams. The nursing staff never needs to remember a Jira URL or password. They can find everything they need via smartphone, tablet and PC in Microsoft Teams. Thanks to the Single-Sign-On feature, they don’t even have to log in again. That’s practical for the nurses who work on the road and have to concentrate on the persons in their care.

The ability to start a conversation with the relevant employees in a Microsoft Teams Channel or Chat directly from the Jira ticket is a popular feature. That lets both nursing and back office staff communicate much more easily and seamlessly.

Integrating the JSM Service Portal in Microsoft Teams gives all employees a dedicated channel for opening service tickets. This video shows how this has improved workflows at Pflege im Quadrat and how they overcame the challenge of implementing enterprise service management with Jira Service Management and Microsoft Teams:

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More time for people thanks to fully integrated enterprise service management

All nursing staff at Pflege im Quadrat GmbH now uses Microsoft 365 for Jira, reducing paper forms and manual correspondence to a minimum. Internal communication is seamless for all stakeholders. This is a key milestone in the digital transformation of the nursing sector.

About Pflege im Quadrat GmbH

  • Company namePflege im Quadrat GmbH
  • Social mediaFacebook Instagram
  • Office: Mannheim, Germany
  • Sector: Outpatient and home care
  • Employees: 380
  • About: Pflege im Quadrat was established in 2010. In addition to classic outpatient and home nursing services, the Mannheim-based company offers care, assistance and health services. With 6 branches, Pflege im Quadrat has built a strong presence in the Mannheim region.