Hassle-free workflows with yasoon’s Jira Service Desk apps

NEPC is one of the largest independent investment consulting firms in the USA. Their consultants help customers to reach their investment goals. But like every high-performing company, they need high-performing IT in the background. Devan Dewey is CTO at NEPC and helps his team tackle 170 issues a week using Jira Service Desk. He made his team’s work a lot easier with Outlook Email for Jira and Outlook Meetings for Jira.


NEPCs busy consultants require many tools help them navigate their workday. When they fail, consultants mostly email the help desk, which goes into Jira. But sometimes they simply email a support analyst directly. Since analysts are required to track all issues in Jira, the “off-book” email needed to be cut and pasted into Jira to comply.

There was also another challenge. The support team often needs time with the user to investigate and resolve the problem. But finding the right slot often took many emails to coordinate the consultants’ availability, making the process even more complex instead of simpler.

Why yasoon:

The yasoon apps Outlook Email for Jira and Outlook Meetings for Jira close those gaps for Devan and his team. Outlook Email for Jira offers the richest feature set of any comparable app. It helps NEPC to easily bring all the email information into Jira.

And Outlook Meetings for Jira solves a problem no other app does – it shows the current availability and potential meeting slots of users right in the Jira issue.


Devan’s support team now uses the yasoon apps regularly. “We really wanted to bring issues from email into Jira without copying and pasting,” says Devan. Outlook Email for Jira has now made this process hassle-free. Even business users who don’t open Jira get automatic Jira updates, since they’re referenced in the issue.

Outlook Meetings for Jira made scheduling a meeting a 2-click process. Since it’s that easy, the app makes the simple workflow Devan imagined for the IT team a reality. And the business team likes it, too, especially since it shows the ticket ID in the meeting request for reference.

Devan is also pleased with yasoon’s support. “yasoon really listens to ideas and suggestions for their products and implements them. They’re very responsive.”

About NEPC

  • Company: NEPC, LLC
  • Website: nepc.com
  • Location: Boston, USA
  • Industry: Finance
  • Services: Investment consulting
  • Employees: 300