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February 2, 2021 was the end of an era: Atlassian has stopped selling new Jira Server licenses.

On Atlassian’s info page regarding the changes, they announced that the journey to cloud follows the paths of security, reliability, and operational compliance. They aim for administration without frustration: Centralized administration and easier updates should help to migrate to cloud.

Bala Venkatrao, head of product, Enterprise Cloud at Atlassian states: “Talking to many of the CIOs, they tell me the Cloud Enterprise edition will give them the power and control back to leverage the Atlassian platform a lot more effectively within the enterprise. […] With the Cloud Enterprise edition, regardless of whether you have thousands of users or tens of thousands of users, Cloud Enterprise fulfils your requirements.

At yasoon, we will continue to support your own journey or the journey of your customers into the Cloud. Therefore, we will build on three factors:

1. Apps

We focus on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to further upgrade existing capabilities of Jira Cloud to provide an amazing experience for all employees and users. All products will receive a major upgrade to add the latest possibilities provided by Microsoft 365.

2. Infrastructure

We build regional data centers to match Atlassian’s roadmap for data residency (available for every customer by end of 2021). Until then, all our data are hosted in Frankfurt, Germany and already GDPR ready for our German customers.

3. Trust

Last year we have introduced our Bug Bounty program. It is one of the most powerful post-production tools to help detect vulnerabilities in applications and services. We proactively fulfil Atlassian’s safety requirements from the very beginning. Now we start our ISO 27001 certification for data security to provide industry standard security and processes.

Cloud is the new normal – we are ready for it.


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