Seven years of yasoon

Andreas and Tobias founded yasoon seven years ago. They originally launched the company as an Outlook integration platform, but soon started focusing their efforts on uniting the worlds of Atlassian and Microsoft. Today, yasoon has over ten employees and is one of the most successful app providers in the Atlassian Marketplace. Setting up on their own has paid off for Andreas and Tobias.

What have you learned in seven years at yasoon?

Andreas: We always said we would keep going until we stop learning new things. Even now, after seven years, we still haven’t reached that point yet. We’ve learned so much more than we could have in big corporations. It gave us insights into other fields like marketing and sales, and the opportunity to learn new technologies on the job.

Tobias: We also learned what it means to be your own boss. Of course there are a lot of advantages to being your own boss, but it is always the overarching tasks and targets that set the company’s course. So we aren’t entirely free in how we make decisions.

What do you see as the advantages of running your own company?

Tobias: For me, the biggest advantage is not being governed by the politics of big businesses. We can make appropriate technological decisions and base our activities on our customers’ needs.

Andreas: We have also been able to create a good work-life balance in our company. Neither we as directors nor our staff have to work overtime. For me, choosing our own corporate values is a key advantage.

What does the future hold?

Andreas: The digital world is becoming increasingly connected and users want less disruption. In spite of this, the two product worlds of Microsoft and Atlassian will continue to exist in parallel. Each product has its advantages and justification in the working environment. In future, we want to offer even tighter integration between Microsoft and Atlassian, creating a truly seamless transition between them. Ultimately, we want users to feel like they are working in just one product environment, not two.

Tobias: We want to offer our users points of connection where they expect them. Our goal is to make workflows that really flow, not slow the user down. Our products already achieve that in many areas – but some functions or connections are still missing to make the experience perfect. The more yasoon apps a user adopts, the more flow they can bring to their daily work in the Microsoft-Atlassian universe. That has always been and will always remain our number one goal.