Speaking of honesty – yasoon values

yasoon vavlues honesty

Being in business for almost ten years, we have learned by heart that honesty lasts the longest.

We believe in open and direct communication since, sooner or later, everything else leads to misunderstandings and long-term trouble.

Honest questions, honest decisions

We find integrity, truthfulness, and straightforwardness highly valuable in teamwork. We ask ourselves: Is this a good product? Is it beneficial for our customers? And if the answer is no – we’ll be honest with ourselves and go back to the drawing board until we can ship a product that really meets our high standards.

Honest partnerships

Honesty is not only important for product and internal decisions, but also when dealing with our customers and partners. Whenever we talk to them, we’re always eager to find a solution that meets their needs. And if our products won’t solve their problems, we won’t recommend them.

We have learned that we can improve our work and products by being honest. And even if being direct may still be unfamiliar to some in the business world, our customers and partners appreciate that and treat us with the same openness and trust.