Teams for Jira Service Management

This week Atlassian announced Jira Service Management, the next generation of Jira Service Desk.

By adding Opsgenie to the existing capabilities of Jira Service Desk Atlassian pushed JSD into a more ITSM-focused direction.

All our Jira apps also work for Jira Service Desk – and do have special use cases exactly for IT support. We already have customers working with our new Microsoft Teams for Jira app for IT support, too. And with the evolution to Jira Service Management, we are now working on building an even deeper integration for exactly this ITSM use case.

Additionally, customers are notified in Microsoft Teams when the status of their issue changes.

Of course, all our other features of our Microsoft Teams for Jira app also apply for Jira Service Management. Starting a Teams conversation in your Jira issue is a game changer to get in touch with customers as quickly as possible.

Microsoft Teams for Jira is already a great fit for Jira Service Management – and will become even more powerful when our new features are released.

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