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There is a German saying which roughly translates to “Silence is praise enough.” – Sounds a bit sad, right? We don’t live by that saying at yasoon.

We see employee appreciation as an effort we put into recognizing our employees’ direct and indirect contribution to our business goals. There are many good reasons to appreciate each other: reaching goals, investing hard work, keeping to timelines, showing patience, and making effort, or demonstrating great hard and soft skills.

Creating a culture of appreciation

According to research by Hero and Mercer, 85% of HR leaders agree that employee appreciation has a positive effect on company culture. One of yasoon’s main goals is to create a working environment where employees love coming to work every day.

Appreciation comes in a variety of forms: it can be a simple “thank you”, offering advanced training courses, or a pay raise. Everybody wants to be recognized for their hard work; and we see appreciation as a massive part of intrinsic motivation. Our business success starts with our employees’ performance and motivation. That is why showing appreciation is such an important value at yasoon.

Developing qualities together

By expressing appreciation, we’re constantly evolving as a team, building a positive and constructive working environment. Recognizing our employee’s qualities helps us to develop them and identify individual career pathways that have a positive impact on us as a team:

  • We align daily tasks with individual career goals.
  • We pay a fair wage. Permanent employees earn a yearly bonus.
  • We hold regular half-yearly employee appraisals with a focus on personal development.
  • We implement continuous internal mentoring by team leads.
  • We offer external training courses to match specific career paths.

True and well-meant praise is so much better than silence, let’s agree on that 😊.

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