Even smoother calendaring

With our new release for Outlook Calendar for Confluence we were eager to make your calendaring experience as non-disruptive as possible.

Think of setting up a meeting in Confluence – with a lot of colleagues, flexible workhours or part-time team members. It’s a nightmare. Our new scheduler view now gives you a simple overview of your team members’ availability in Confluence, based on their Outlook calendars.

Besides scheduling meetings, this view comes in handy for project planning in Confluence. Marketing plans, release plans, etc. can be added to a Confluence page and the Outlook connection makes it very easy for project members to copy relevant deadlines to their personal calendar.

Again, when working in Outlook, you can align a project timeline with your vacation or other projects that might interfere.

Another new feature is our live preview for Confluence Cloud. Maybe you’ve already used the “new editing experience” offered in Confluence – a much nicer way to create pages. In this editing mode our calendar is shown live versus the old screenshot preview. What you see is what you get, with less clicks – always a plus.

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