In-depth knowledge – yasoon values

Company values in-depth knowledge

Now we have told you why we focus on company values at yasoon, let’s dive deeper.

Our first value is our thirst for knowledge. This is not only a value, but also a strength: When we build our apps, we don’t just want to scratch the surface. We want to immerse ourselves deep into the worlds of established software products. That lets us develop sophisticated solutions that are one step ahead of our competitors and that really benefit our customers.

Knowledge powered by experience

We don’t have investors or major clients to influence our company strategies, business model or product development. Luckily, we can set our own goals by listening to feedback from our customers and trusting in our experience of the past 10 years. This gives us a valuable resource: in-depth knowledge powered by experience. We know what we know, and what we can learn soon. It’s important for us to be confident and humble at the same time. One aspect of that humility is our drive to never stop learning.

Never stop learning

Just because we’re considered experts in our field doesn’t mean we don’t need to learn anymore. Our whole team is eager to learn and stay connected in our tech ecosystem. We emphasize the value of knowledge by offering several development and learning opportunities for our team.

  • Conferences, hackathons or fairs, business get-togethers (especially at the Atlassian Community)
  • Internal knowledge sharing among colleagues to find synergies and make work easier
  • We offer time for our employees to acquire all the knowledge they need

Applied knowledge

Our latest product, Microsoft 365 for Jira, was inspired both by input from our customers and our knowledge of the Atlassian and Microsoft ecosystems. We are very curious to see how our assumptions are going to work out. But you can be sure that we’ll learn a lot from it.