Independence – yasoon values

yasoon values independence

Our ability to work independently is the key to our success.

We don’t have any big investors or key accounts influencing our corporate strategies, business model, product development or roadmap. We are fortunate enough to be able to set our own goals by listening to feedback from our customers and trusting our experience from the past 10 years.

We practice this productive independence in our teams and empower all of our colleagues to work autonomously. Our experience shows that we can focus better on our users in agile software development. Our goal is not to ship just any features as quickly as possible and maximise our app sales. For yasoon, quality is more important than making a quick buck. We don’t release our results until we have devised a mature user experience and created a product that works seamlessly. Of course, there will always be things we can do better. But at least we are brave enough to stay an independent UX-first company, rather than a growth-first company.

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