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As we are used to continuous change, Atlassian’s flagship event formerly known as “Summit” has also evolved.

Adapting to the new state of teamwork Atlassian’s conference is now called “Atlassian Team 2021”. Even though we can’t meet in person, we’ll be able to connect online at Atlassian’s Team 2021: Meet developers, innovators and creators from all around the globe and across various industries.

Atlassian Team 2021 – let’s focus on connected teamwork

As the name of the event might suggest, the major topic is connected teamwork. What are state-of-the-art tools and practices? How do you enable connected teams to unleash their full potential? Atlassian’s Team 2021 event is structured in six tracks:

  1. Teams & Culture
    At yasoon we are especially excited to learn more about products, practices, and cultures of healthy, resilient, high-performing teams and thriving distributed workforces. In the coming years, we want to constantly learn to advance our team culture and to go with the new flow.
  2. Business Transformation
    Find out how to structure your business for the future of work through new approaches to team collaboration and the corresponding technology.
  3. Scaling for the enterprise
    Explore how Atlassian’s enterprise solutions help deliver innovation at scale, compete in a changing world, and build teams for change.
  4. ITSM & ITOM
    As we just released our new features for Micrososft Teams for Jira & JSM, focusing on Jira Service Management, ITSM is on our minds all the time. We are thrilled to get more information on Atlassian’s IT-service-management solutions. Empower teams from support, operations, development and beyond to deliver great service.
  5. DevOps & Agile
    Learn how agile software teams work interdisciplinary to break silos and keep everyone aligned while delivering exceptional experiences for their customers.
  6. Journey to the cloud
    Explore benefits from customers who’ve migrated to the cloud, level up your Atlassian cloud knowledge, and get best practices for your own cloud journey.

We are especially thrilled to listen to the keynote about advanced mindsets from Jill Ellis, Katie Sowers, and Atlassian’s Molly Hellerman.

Atlassian Team 2021 – keynotes, power sessions, breakouts, demos

Are you ready to learn more on intersectionality of teamwork, humanity and tech, and gain deeper insights into the Atlassian ecosystem? The corresponding sessions at Team 2021 span thought leadership, products and solutions, technical demos, and customer stories. Let’s go Team 2021!

Be sure to follow us on Social Media, as we are going to join in and discuss the topics of Atlassian Team 2021. See you there.

Atlassian Team 2021
April 28 – 30

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