Promoting Women in Tech: Shifting the dynamic

Is the tech field really cutthroat and unappealing to women? Our Business Lead Anke is attending the Women in Tech panel by Tempo, where women in various roles at tech companies share their stories and advice for how to break into the tech field.

We at yasoon strive for an inclusive company culture and value the female perspective on technological topics. But although equal pay and maternity leave a not negotiable – there is a lot more to equality. In this panel Anke is happy to share some of our thoughts on empowering women to break into tech – and talks about the experiences she made herself.

Whether you are starting your career or making a career change, join this panel to get some best practices and learn from the women who have been there. We will also talk about how important it is for companies that want to attract top talent to provide an environment that appeals to women. Where women rise, everyone benefits.

Promoting Women in Tech: Shifting the dynamic
March 11 @ 09:00 EST / 14:00 GMT

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