Transparency – yasoon values

Transparently sharing information is an important part of our everyday work. As a modern IT company, we believe that intentionally sharing the right information contributes to our corporate goals.

Working in ‘coopetition’

In the Atlassian ecosystem, many companies work together in inter-organizational ‘coopetition’. We work in the same market, build knowledge, and share our research for new products. At the same time, we compete for market share to a certain extent. Our interactions occur simultaneously, but at different levels in the value chain. That is why we don’t see each other strictly as competitors, instead cooperating transparently, sharing valuable learnings, and evolving together as … an ecosystem!

Product transparency

We are transparent in our client relations, honest and upfront on important topics like security and respond to specific request, e.g., on security and data residency. We openly share our product roadmaps and integrate client feedback in our business decisions.

Creating organizational trust

Internally, corporate transparency has been shown to increase employee trust in the organization (according to Schnackenberg, Tomlinson, Coen). We like to communicate our decisions and our financial situation openly to all employees. In doing so, we build trust and keep everybody up to date with our corporate figures. yasoon’s management doesn’t work in an ivory tower or hold back any information.

  • We regularly reveal our financial status.
  • We communicate company-wide decisions with the rationale behind them and engage in discussions.
  • All employees can follow our profit development in the Atlassian Marketplace.
  • In employee appraisals, we regularly request feedback on yasoon’s management.

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