Flexibility – yasoon values

We are lucky to be largely independent and flexible in our business decisions. That’s why flexibility has become an important part of our company culture.

Work-life balance is obsolete

Work-life balance is the equilibrium between personal life and career work; but instead of dividing work and life, we see them as intertwined and inseparable. Of course, we all have a life outside yasoon. And that is exactly why we offer all employees work models tailored to their private life.

New forms of flexibility

Instead of creating an environment of peer pressure and exaggerated expectations, we give our team the infrastructure they need to work in an intrinsically motivated and healthy manner.

We believe a modern working environment evolves around all our employees’ life visions. For example, we differentiate between being a ‘company family’ and being a ‘family-friendly company’. We enable co-workers with kids to work flexible hours, which makes them more relaxed and happier in their everyday life. yasoon also offers part-time models for most positions. We are all set for the new work era with flexible working hours and hybrid work setups (staff can work from home two days a week). By the way, all our employees get 30 days of annual leave.

The walking deadlines

As stated in our article about yasoon’s in-depth knowledge, we use flexible product deadlines when setting our own business goals. If there is an unforeseen issue, or a team member needs more time to develop a high-quality product, we are willing to adjust our schedule. This strategy has worked well for us as a team and for our clients, as we prioritize better products over faster shipping. It’s a win-win!

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